Join us for our Annual Karlee Awards



Saturday 28th January 2017. 

This year we're going out to Caversham - it's not that far - where we'll be having a formal Awards Night show at Mulberry on Swan (34 Hammersley Rd, Caversham). There will be pre-show "Pink" Carpet photos, special guest awards presenters, food platters, a cash bar (that's just for the adults, of course) a HUGE changing room for the cast PLUS a PARTY afterwards. It's the PYT Night of Nights and you are all invited.


A night of fun, live entertainment, past winners will perform and the winner for 2017 will be announced!

Is this date in your calendar?

2017 Nominees - so far!

Karlee Nominees (Passion, Dedication, Commitment, Hard-Work):

Oliver Christiansen, Rosie Dagless, Beatrice Doyle, Georgia Hall, Billy Jaffray, Neve Jaffray, Hannah Logan, Tabitha Love, Ruby Martin, Kayleigh Meiring, Matthew Minchin, Isabella Radici-Nichols, Liana Cawley, Lily Dunstan, Connor French-Bluhm, Hannah Mackenzie, Amber Del Grossi

Best Actress Nominees:

Lucia Wright (The Little Mermaid), Jenna Martin (Go for Gold) Anna Clayton (15 Reasons), Eva Cawley (Superstan), Romy Ezekial (Rockin' Snow White), Liana Cawley (Rockin Snow White), Lana Winter (Wizard of Oz), Kirra Geddes (Cirque 2), Sydney Tasker (The Grunch),  Hayleigh French Bluhm (Peter Pan), Emily Mackenzie (Shakespeare Rocks), Olivia Sartori (Pirates)

Best Actor Nominees:

Bram Ezekial (The Little Mermaid), Connor French-Bluhm (Annie vs Oliver), Dylan Mulcahy (Superstan), Jesse Gibson (Go for Gold), Jacob Davila (Rockin Snow White), Frank Holdom (Wizard of Oz), Jacob Miles (Cirque Du Freak), Julian Hawson (The Grunch), Alexander Challis (Peter Pan), James Lowe (Cirque 2), Matthew Minchin (Cirque 2), Peter White (Shakespeare Rocks), Justin Hancock (Pirates)

Best Newcomer Nominees:

Nyah Stancombe (The Little Mermaid), Amelia Wee (Annie vs Oliver), Kayleigh Meiring (Go for Gold),  Miana Stiely (Superstan) William Hancock (Snow White), Levi Stancombe (Wizard of Oz), Charlotte Shaw (The Grunch), Mayah Farah (Peter Pan), Ellen-Grace Hobday (Peter Pan), Lorena Manfredi (Cirque 2), Mikayla Rayfield (Shakespeare Rocks), Lilli Spencer (Pirates) 

Best All-Rounder Nominees:

Georgia Gainher (Annie vs Oliver), Hannah Mackenzie (15 Reasons), Emily Mackenzie (Go for Gold), Sophee Martin (Superstan), Sonja Braunl (Rockin Snow White), Lucy Neervort (Wizard of Oz), Bronnie Evans (Cirque Du Freak), Olivia Chamberlain (The Grunch), Amelia Wee (The Grunch), Isabella Radici-Nicolls (Cirque 2), Hannah Chamberlain (Pirates)

Most Improved Performer:

Sol Macpherson (The Little Mermaid), Emily Mackenzie (Annie vs Oliver), Amelia Logan (Go for Gold) Hannah Logan (15 Reasons), Chayse Whitehead (Superstan), Charlotte Arnott (Rockin Snow White), Abigail Lisle (Wizard of Oz), Jordan Radalj (Cirque Du Freak) Indianna Arnott (Cirque 2), Amber Del Grossi (The Grunch), Miriam Witte (Peter Pan), Connor French-Bluhm (Shakespeare Rocks), Maya Mintz (Pirates), Molly Yonge (Pirates) 

Best Dancer:

Lauren Noack (Cirque Du Freak), Imogen Finucane (Cirque 2), Hannah Logan (Peter Pan), Hannah Mackenzie (Shakespeare Rocks) 

Life-Time Achievement:

Amy Dagless