Dress Up ‘n’ Dance (4 - 6 Year Olds) Weds 3.30pm to 4.15pm

Dress up and Dance! Don your favourite tutu, fairy costume, superhero mask or rainbow unicorn outfit and come and dance with us. A class specially designed for the little ones to nurture their love of dance and introduce them to some skills and style along the way.

Dance (PYT Juniors Weds 4.15pm to 5.00pm & Seniors Weds 5.45pm to 6.30pm)

NO COMPS! NO CONCERTS! NO EXPENSIVE COSTUMES! You need to come along to this class if you absolutely love to dance. Here you will learn all the different styles of dance that will help you become a better performer. You will be nurtured to become the dancer you were always meant to be without the stress of competing, exam work or concerts. Better still this class will help you strut your stuff on the big stage in any of our 15 LIVE performances we have annually. Dance because you love it!

Hip Hop Crew (All Ages) Weds 5.00pm to 5.45pm

Pop, lock, groove and jump. Find some ‘street style’ in this exclusive dance class. Learn some tricks, break-dancing and move to the beat. A great class where anyone can groove with us. Better still hone your street skills and perform in any of our 15 Performances we have annually.

Dance Mums (and Dads) Weds 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Want to do a dance class but can’t pick which style? No worries, PYT has got you covered. You will have the opportunity to try out a different style from week to week and learn the beginnings of a routine to keep you thinking on your feet. Technique, stretching and many dance styles – a great way to ‘shake-off’ the rigours of a workday. Not sure what to do with the kids? Bring them along and they can finish off their homework in the studio next door. What’s stopping you?

Homework Club (8 Years+) Weds 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Don’t you just hate it that you want do all this cool stuff after school but you have to fit in homework too! Well as long as your mum or dad is dancing next door (Dance PYT Mums (and Dads)) you can bring your homework along with you and be supervised by one of our teachers. You never know they might be able to help you with the maths problem that is a bit tricky or an idea of which country you should choose for your geography project. This is exclusive to PYT to nurture the time it takes to #findyourselfonstage but also keep up with your school work.